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QUESTION: Bob, What is your favorite Alien scene?

BOB'S ANSWER: Well, Well, my favorite alien scene? That is a tough one. I would have to say the Bob Allan/Christian Science scene---no wait the Rick Barry/clothesline death scene---no wait the Cathy O'Neill/Alien sex scene---no wait the Val/Alien cemetery death scene----no wait the Terrace destruction scene---no wait the Boston Garden Alien playoff scene----no wait the strobe death scene--see what I mean a very tough call--you decide...Carry On. Bob

QUESTION: Bob, The Alien, the gas mask, the nerf ball nose, the movies, how did it all get started?

ANSWER: Believe it or not the Alien started out as a class project in college. My roommate Glenn pulled the Alien mask (without nerf nose) from the Media Dynamics prop dept suitcase to be used for a bogus 30 second commercial in a television production course. A few years later I went to the first annual International Somerville film festival at Jim & Nigels' and afterward said to Joe-"Hey we could make a movie too." Well back to the Media Dynamics prop dept and out comes the Alien mask but this time Joe inserts a nerf ball in the nose hole - nerf being an integral part of life on the Terrace - pulls on a hooded sweatshirt and Alien I,2,3 the rest is history. Bob


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