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May 25, 1999, from Cambridge, MA:

Looks real nice. Great job! Your Alien site sure stirs up a lot of fond memories: the "Alien shuffle," stalking Val in the cemetery tower, the Alien sighting on the Green Line, Ken's horrible fate down in in the boiler room, Bob Allan's head bobbing in the pool at the Christian Science Center, the Alien Space Pod, Val's shower scene, some nearly fatal fast food at Riley's Roast Beef, the Alien on the parquet with Larry Bird at the Boston Garden, hanging out in the Combat Zone, the Alien popping out of the Naked Eye, that white Rolls Royce out front of Father's bar, the "Cotton Picker" hoe-down, loose Nerf balls on the set, and oh so much more!... I guess you just had to be there -- and I'm quite sure I was!! --Alien

May 24, 1999, from Acton, MA:

These are Bob's awesome "promo" slides of the Alien. The originals are beautiful, but slides are difficult to scan. Used Microtek X6 scanner at 9600 DPI, then ran the images through Adobe PhotoShop. Such is the available technology, and I hope you enjoy them well enough. Stay tuned for more photos, features, and surprises.

June 4, 1999, from Toledo, Ohio

What a long strange nostalgia trip this has been. I think I was there. mark