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The Alien

The Alien is an original character created during the 1980s by Bob, Glenn, and Joe from Gardner Terrace in the Allston neighborhood of Boston. The character came to life in a short 8mm film called The Alien featuring Joe as the Alien interacting with the local Terracites. The original movie was filmed in local spots around Allston, including Riley's Roast Beef, alley behind Father's First, and Gardner Terrace where the Alien lived. Was he was stranded on this planet because his spaceship was stolen, or was he escaping the streets of France? Sadly, some of his loyal friends end up on the wrong end of his lethal tentacles. But don't be scared, it's only a movie. Or is it?

Alien 2

Due to The Alien's extreme popularity with the Terracites, Bob and Joe with cast and crew set out to film a longer and better sequel. Alien 2 was shown to a delighted and near frenzied audience at the incredible International Summerville Film Festival. In one eerie scene, the Alien attended a party, and mass casualties were the result. The crowd watched in awe as this larger than life character wreaked his own kind of tongue-in-cheek havoc. Alien 2 won the show going away, and the next year would be Alien history in the making with the filming of Alien 3.

Alien 3

Not to stand on their laurels with Alien 2, Bob and Joe set out on a mission to out-do themselves. At the next year's International Summerville Film Festival, Alien III (in 3D) made it's debut with smashing success. Longer, better, and even more hilarious than ever before, Alien 3 delighted a howling and roaring crowd. At the end of the movie, the Alien in real life came crashing through the screen. Everyone's jaw was dropped in amazement. Bob drank champagne out of his second of back-to-back Silver Sneakers.

One of the Original Alien Flyers!

We looked on the back of Tell It To Joe, and it said No one can.