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On May 17 1999, from Acton, MA wrote:
I have been waiting 18 years to show off these pictures. I have more pictures and links coming! There are many more surprises, so please stop back soon! Please send me your ideas, suggestions, and scans! Stay tuned for Bob's pictures. He took some real quality slides (difficult to scan, but I am working on it). Please help me to spread the word about this site. Do you know any members of the Marshalls, Paramounts, Prime Movers, and the other bands? Everyone worked really hard, and it's safe to say that this was the greatest block party ever! Were you there the morning after when Joe found a keg that still had beer in it??!!!!!!!

On May 17 1999, from Cambridge, MA wrote:
Your Block Party site looks great! Lots of familiar faces! I think maybe even I was there. :-) Nice shot of Brian and me in our customized yellow tee-shirts, of 'Cid the Man (with 'bee), of smiling Phil, etc. Thanks for the preview! I can't wait to mention the site to others.

On May 18, from Hamilton, MA wrote:
I really like your new website. I like the way you set it up, and I like the buttons. I was amazed at how fast the site loaded. The pictures were almost instantaneous. (WebMaster's Note: The pictures may load a bit more slowly through an ISP at home.)

On May 19 1999, from Portsmouth, NH wrote:
Who are those skinny people.  Why aren't they sure if they were there or not? Ken

On May 19 1999, wrote:
Yes, yes, yes, Otto appears in #s 18, 19 and 22. At this time his lawyers are willing to talk settlement, but I wouldn't wait too long. When they see what a huge success this site is going to be (and that it's a "" enterprise), they're going to see $$$ in their eyes. The site was a total delight--it brought back many memories--some of them mine--some of them based on that old crutch,"reality". My favorite pics are the bartending pic with Ken, Cid and Joe (with similar expressions), and Cid bring the Frisbee back for more--more beer or more tosses--we will never know. I'm anxious to see the pics of the full-court hoop which was played that day, as you'll recall, using international rules.

On May 24 1999, of Sturbridge, MA wrote:
Well, to paraphrase your slogan "I think I was there".. I didn't know I was there! But then, in slide #55, the evidence presented itself. Interesting memories, we should open a section for the Roy Rogers parties and others too! Nigel