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Site Name Domain or URL Description
This Ain't the Summer of Love Bash This site! Yes, you are here. An exclusive Boston Megasite Presentation. Also available at
The Alien! The BOSTON ALIEN SITE in association with Alien Productions. Turn DOWN the lights, and turn UP the speakers. Here we go for..........Toxic Death Simulation!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also available at
Cid the Man - Frisbee Dog Real-action pictures and biography of Cid the Man, the incredible frisbee catching Shepherd-Terrier from Boston. No sponsors, publicity stills, or commercial links, just a great frisbee dog and the people who love him.  Also available at and
Boston Ghost Site A BOSTON GHOSTSITE Presentation. A lot of amazing costume parties were held at Gardner Terrace. Even Cid the Man donned a cape one year. Can you tell who that is under the distorto mask? It's a GHOSTLY, GHOULISH, GHASTLY site. Also available at and
Boston Shoots™ Pictures of Boston, Back Bay, Charles River (reflecting water), and Harvard Yard. Cool shot of a bum showing his flask in front of the Boston Public Library. Also available at
Marthas Vineyard Pictures of Philbin Beach and Zach's Cliffs in Aquinnah (Gay Head) on Marthas Vineyard, MA. Also available at
Albezia Tree - Harvard Square to Boston Suburbs A seed was plucked from a beautiful Albizia Julibrissin Tree (also called Mimosa or Silk Tree) in Harvard Yard. Follow the tree from Cambridge to Boston suburbs.
Phil Scott Welcome to Phil Scott's Website. You can sign Phil's SlamBook and GuestBook.
Fly to Daytona Beach Aerial photography by Boston Shoots™.
Boston Links Photography links by Boston Shoots™.
Gardner Terrace Homesite Coming soon. Pictures of us hanging around the Terrace. It was always a party. Lots of Bob's pictures. Need more. An upcoming Boston Virtual Gardner Terrace Production.
My Boston Homesite Coming soon. My Referral Network of Massachusetts work.
My Vermont Homesite Pictures of my land in Vermont. Wanna see a cow chasing my wife? Also available at and
Larry Bird Collectables All about collecting books, cards, magazines, and odd-ball items about Larry Bird. Also available at
Welcome to Uniontown Photos of area from mountain lookout. Also available at
Welcome to Ohiopyle Photos of waterfall at Ohiopyle State Park.