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Frisbee Dog at the Beach!

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On May 30, 1999 from Acton, MA wrote:
Welcome to real-action photos and biography of Cid the Man, the incredible Frisbee®-catching Shepherd-Terrier from Boston. No sponsors, publicity stills, dog food ads, or commercial links, just a great K9 disc-catcher and the people who love him. Visit Cid the Man at,,, and (Updated August 2, 2003) 

I hope you enjoy this tribute to my great dog, Cid the Man. The action begins on Gardner Terrace, a dead-end street in the Allston section of Boston. We played in the middle of the street, with Cid catching the Frisbee as it banked off of parked cars. Please come back soon because I will be adding more features and surprises. Rick

On June 1, 1999 from Portsmouth, NH wrote:
I really enjoyed my tour of Cid the Man pix. What a dog. Ken

On June 2, 1999 of Sturbridge, MA wrote:
Leaping skyward after that disc-shaped object, Cid looked like he was invading the invaders! Woe to any miniature alien craft who should come too close in Frisbee season..."Greetings, earth creature. Take us to your... hey! What are you doing? Let go of this ship!!! Aggghhhh......." Nigel

On June 30, 1999 of West Hollywood, CA wrote:
Bro, I am so psyched. I can't believe I am looking at pictures of Cid on the Web. Tuff! Fritz

You get a bonus picture!

Cid the Man at Halloween

Another bonus picture!
Cid and Rick at Marthas Vineyard

Frisbee and dog image created by llizard aka ejm

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