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To submit a write-up for this page, please email me. is a tribute to Cid the Man, the incredible Frisbee® catching dog from Boston. Cid was adopted from the Boston Animal Rescue League in 1978 by his first owner, Fritz. Fritz carried the little puppy home on the MBTA subway. Fritz and Cid lived in a first-floor apartment of a triple-decker on Gardner Terrace in the Allston section of Boston. The dead-ended Gardner Terrace was a safe place for Cid to grow up and learn to catch Frisbees.

The action begins between two triple-decker houses, 6 - 8 Gardner Terrace. Cid the Man leaps for the Frisbee before it's thrown, and then runs after it as it's hurled by his new owner Rick. The amazing thing about Cid the Man's Frisbee catching was the way he read the direction of the Frisbee in flight.  He was patient and knew just where to be to catch the Frisbee as it wavered in the wind, or banked off of a car or house.

Rick entered Cid the Man in an official Frisbee dog competition, and Cid did extremely well. It was a wide open ball field on a windy day, and Rick's throws were floating off in the wind, and Cid made some amazing catches.

Another amazing aspect of Cid the Man's Frisbee catching was that you could throw it straight to him. First you fake a throw to get him to run several yards, and then whip the Frisbee right to him. He would watch as it came toward his face, open his mouth, and catch it! Amazing.

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Cid at Marthas Vineyard 1
Cid at Marthas Vineyard 2

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