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GetNewsWireBackColor Method (Headline Control)
Windows - Visual C++

The GetNewsWireBackColor method returns the background color for headlines associated with the specified newswire.

unsigned long color = GetNewsWireBackColor(LPCTSTR newsWireCode);

The GetNewsWireBackColor syntax has these parts:




A String containing a two-letter code representing the newswire.


Return value. A value or constant that determines the background color of headlines associated with the newswire, as described in Remarks.

The color can be either normal RGB (red, green, blue) or system default colors. Normal RGB colors are specified by using the Visual C++ color palette or by using the Visual C++ RGB or QBColor functions. System default colors are listed in the Visual C++ object library in the Object Browser. The user's choices will be substituted as specified in the Control Panel settings.

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