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ProfilePriority Property (Alert Control)
Windows - Visual C++

The ProfilePriority property returns or sets the priority value for the specified profile. A profile's priority indicates its importance.

long value = GetProfilePriority(LPCTSTR profileCode);
void SetProfilePriority(LPCTSTR profileCode, long value); 

The ProfilePriority syntax has these parts:




A string specifying a valid profile code. 


A long integer containing the profile's priority.

The default value is 5 and the valid range is 1 to 5, with 1 having the highest priority. If multiple Alert Banners exist, this property applies to all. Lower numbers indicate a higher priority. Alert stories from a higher priority alert profiles will be displayed higher in the Alert Banner and alert list. Alert stories from Alert Profiles with the same priority appear on the alert list in the order they are received.

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