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Run Method (Headline Control)
Windows - Visual C++

The Run method tells the Headline Control to send a notification to the NewsEdge Server indicating whether it should start or stop sending headlines.

long result = Run(BOOL bStart);

The Run syntax has these parts:




A boolean indicating whether to start, if TRUE, or stop, if FALSE, sending headlines.


A long integer with the value 0 if the call completed successfully or an error code if the call failed.



By default, this method returns after receiving a notification from the server indicating whether a Headline view could be opened for the current search criteria. However, if the AsyncRun property is TRUE, the method will return after sending the request and the RunComplete event will be fired when a notification is received from the server.

The headlines that will be sent are determined by the search criteria specified by the SearchCriteria property. The search criteria must be in RPN notation. Refer to Search Syntax for a detailed description of valid search criteria.

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