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SearchCriteria Property (Headline Control)
Windows - Visual C++

The SearchCriteria property returns or sets the search criteria for the control. The SearchCriteria value determines which headlines are displayed in the control. Refer to Search Syntax for a detailed description of valid search criteria.

CString value = GetSearchCriteria();
void SetSearchCriteria(LPCTSTR);

The SearchCriteria syntax has these parts:




A String containing the search criteria. An empty string indicates a full view (all headlines displayed).

The Utility Control contains methods and properties that allow you to construct a valid search criteria string. Valid search criteria strings can be obtained from the following properties: SearchMulti, SearchString, SearchWord, SubjectSearchString and TickerSearchString.

The Run property must be set to TRUE before any search will be performed.

See also: Run SearchMulti SearchString Search Syntax SearchWord SubjectSearchString TickerSearchString

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