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ShowProfileEditor Method (Profile Manager Control)
Windows - Visual C++

The ShowProfileEditor method displays the Profile Editor dialog box allowing users to edit profile criteria in InFix notation.

long result = ShowProfileEditor(BOOL bAdd);

The ShowProfileEditor syntax has these parts:




A Boolean containing FALSE, if the dialog is being invoked for a profile modification, or TRUE, if invoked for a new profile.


A long integer containing 0 if the user selected OK, -1 for Cancel, or an error code.

The Profile Code, Profile Name, and Profile Criteria edit boxes will display the current values of the CodeInEditor, CriteriaInEditor, and NameInEditor properties. CodeInEditor is specified in Reverse Polish Notation and must be translated to Infix notation, for display. If the translation fails, an error will be returned. If the returned error is either DDICTL_E_R_PRFSYNTAXERR or DDICTL_E_R_INVALCHARINPROF, the SyntaxErrorIndex property will contain the index at which the translation error was detected.

If bAdd is FALSE, the CodeInEditor property must specify the code for a currently registered profile or an error will be returned.

Note: This method does not make any profile modifications on the NewsEdge Server. Use the AddProfile and ModifyProfile methods to add new profile information to or modify existing information on the NewsEdge Server.

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