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ShowProfileManager Method (Profile Manager Control)
Windows - Visual C++

The ShowProfileManager method displays the Profile Manager dialog box allowing users to add, modify, or delete profiles.

long ShowProfile Manager(BOOL bShowManager);

The ShowProfileManager syntax has these parts:




A boolean indicating whether to show the Profile Manager dialog upon the user clicking the Add or Modify button. If TRUE, the dialog will be shown.


A long integer containing the result. If bShowManager is FALSE, result contains the selected operation: 1 for Add, 2 for Modify, or 0 for Close. If bShowManager equals TRUE, 0 is returned, indicating Close. For either value of bShowManager, an error code is returned if the control is unable to retrieve profile information.

Profile deletions are handled by the Profile Manager dialog for either value of bShowManager.

After calling this method with bShowEditor equal to false, the CodeInEditor property contains the selected profile code.

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