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Overview Diagram Shows how to use the ActiveX controls to deliver real-time news in third-party applications you develop or over your company's intranet.

General Information Additional information, requirements, and links to related internet sites.

The following ActiveX controls enable you to customize your applications to meet your company's needs:


Alerts the user, visually and audibly, to important news in response to profile-hit notifications from the NewsEdge Server™.


Initiates and maintains a connection between the client and the NewsEdge Server. It also controls failover: the ability to automatically transfer the connection from one NewsEdge Server to a backup server after a server fault or timeout.


Displays a scrolling list of available news feeds.


Provides a scrolling list of news headlines based on a search criteria. Includes "Drag and Drop" functionality.

Profile Editor

Provides profile editing capability.

Profile Manager

Provides profile editing and management.


Sends an internal news story to the NewsEdge Server for storage and broadcasting to users.


Provides a list displaying quote information for user-supplied ticker symbols.


Displays a news story based on information obtained from the Headline Control. Includes "Drag and Drop" functionality.


Provides a configurable toolbar which fires events to the container in response to button clicks.


Provides a set of utility functions to add functionality to the other NewsObjects.

Refer to the Samples Contents for a list of samples containing the Property, Method or Event for a control that interests you, and then install it using Samples.exe.

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